A brand is born: Flame2Fame

A brand is born: Flame2Fame - up-cycled gear for the music industry

On this special day, 20/02/2020, we are proud to announce the formation of Flame2Fame.

Flame2Fame was born out of the personal wish of one of our founders to have a bass strap made of fire hose material. Since such a special niche product was not readily available, we helped ourselves and created one with our limited skills. The result was - to everyone's surprise - quite acceptable.

Word spread and suddenly we were asked to supply bass and guitar straps for friends and families.

That gave us the idea to produce on a "bigger" scale. At that moment, we decided to do what we had always wanted to do: do something sustainable, reduce waste, include those who are often not included, while not giving a damn about profits, shareholder values and all the other things that accompany us in our business life.

So we decided that production should be done with social institutions and all profits should go to charities.

After intensive discussions with the workshop for impaired people in Heidelberg, we decided to produce exclusively with them, regardless of the production costs. In no time at all we agreed on the first designs and production processes and it started to feel really good.

Now we are happy to announce that the first bass belts are available for our audience.


Flame2Fame, upcycled bass & guitar straps made from used fire hoses, produced in social workshops; from each product we donate a part to social and environmental organisations that make this world a little bit better.






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