Bässe & Gitarren aus recycelten Materialien

We as a planet are in a struggle, a fight to build a better future with eco-friendly products, we also love and want new musical instruments and accessories. Can we combine these two passions and make them into a forward-thinking revolutionary business? We say yes! Welcome to Flame2Fame.  

As a special highlight, Flame2Fame will be presenting a revolutionary guitar and bass whose body is made from spent coffee grounds, chopsticks, and denim from end-of-use garments. The instruments were co-produced with guitar luthier Richter Instruments, upcycling specialists Chopvalue, DenimX and ecobrain, as well as the fiber bonding team from BASF SE.  

„Together, the group has worked hard to produce two completely eco-friendly instruments – a guitar and a bass,“ says Christian Wegmann, CEO of Flame2Fame. „Our partners are instrumental in the positive change we also want to achieve with our work. The joint artwork impressively shows where an open collaboration with the will to create something new can lead. Many thanks therefore once again to all those involved. A special thanks goes to Dr. Michael Kalbe from fibre bonding team BASF SE, whose expertise in binder technology was instrumental in making the production of such guitars possible.“ 

@2022 UK Bass & Guitar Show Liverpool


Flame2Fame, upgecycelte Bass- & Gitarrengurte aus gebrauchten Feuerwehrschläuchen, hergestellt in sozialen Werkstätten; von jedem Produkt spenden wir einen Teil an soziale und umweltorientierte Organisationen, die diese Welt ein bisschen besser machen.






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